About us

Android wedakarayo is a bunch of tech enthusiasts, who believe in sharing ideas and spreading awareness among the tech world. Android Wedakarayo was founded on Jun 29, 2013, by V. P. R. Dananjaya initially as a Facebook Group. Their target audience is mostly Sri Lankans whose native language is “Sinhala”. Android Wedakarayo writes, discusses, shares their views on the development of the tech world and even hold concern programs both online and offline in Sri Lanka. The main motive of them is “To contribute towards a tech concerned and digitally updated Sri Lanka


Android Wedakarayo was awarded as The best Tech Blogger of the year at Google I/O Extended Sri Lanka 2018.


On Jun 16, 2018 Android Wedakarayo organized a meetup for Youtubers in Sri Lanka and their fans. The event was nicknamed as “YourTube” 1.1 and was held at Dialog Axiata Auditorium. It was their first real-world event out of the social media platform. The event was successful with 15 Sri Lankan Top Youtubers and with more than 170 participants.